Dee has had a long and varied career as a singer, performing on stage in London’s West End, on tour and in London’s West End and in a variety of Television programmes.

In recent years Dee has returned to her singing career with two critically acclaimed albums.  She has toured and appeared in key Jazz Venues and Music Festivals, such as The Pheasantry – Pizza Express & The Sands Club – Lincoln, where she performs her own original songs along with some classic covers.

Live at the Pheasantry

This is what the press have had to say about Dee’s music.

“She does a fine job on her debut!”
Daily Express

“The most talked about Jazz Sensation of 2007″
Real People

“The Queen of Jazz”

“Dee’s latest single is a GO”
The Sun

“The music industry may be dominated by teenage popstrels, but Dee Anderson knows there is no substitute for experience…
Her album… SO GOOD!”
The Independent

5 out of 5 stars – Extraordinary & Magical
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2021
Love in a Dark Place: Dee Anderson

Love in a Dark Place is the hypnotic second album from jazz singer, Dee Anderson and it definitely does not disappoint. Dee has a soulful, edgy, raw voice and, in this album, she absolutely captures the depth and spirit of the human heart.

Dee Anderson was voted Most Promising Newcomer in 2007 and it is easy to see why. There is a rawness and a truthfulness to her music which mesmerises and has the listener captivated throughout. Her truly beguiling tone feels as though she is reaching into the soul. She delights throughout the album, from the beautiful “In the Light” to the wonderful “Bad Blood”, the soulful theme song to Wonderbirds, the show which the multi-talented Dee co-presents and co-created.

Each track on the album has its own unique individuality and story. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” is a dark and heartbreaking expression of a parent’s feelings when their child’s life takes a horrible turn. Dee conveys the pain, darkness and despair with poignancy and truth. Through her beautiful, heartfelt performance, she reaches out to the soul of the individual and draws us into the parent’s world.

Dee’s music not only has a heartfelt sound but also a beautiful and outstanding lyrical depth. Each word is moving, passionate and emotional. Dee’s lyrics have a unique substance which reinforces the meaning behind each song.

“Claws of Gold” has a power which resonates deeply and “City of Lonely Hearts” is lyrically beautiful. Lines such as “silhouettes they dance alone” evoke images of sadness and darkness in a way that only Dee’s rawness can do. She conveys a deep and perceptive understanding of the human heart and uses her music to reach into the human soul. In the sublime “Telephone Song”, Dee yet again displays her understanding of the human psyche, capturing through her unique sound the feeling of waiting, loneliness, wondering and questioning.

Dee Anderson’s energy is extraordinary and magical. Her voice, her passion and her emotion evoke the feeling that she is looking into someone else’s soul, reaching and feeling their innermost thoughts. She is an extraordinary talent and Love in a Dark Place is an absolute triumph. This is definitely one to buy.

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