Dee has provided the voice for many Theatre & TV productions in particular she provides the voice for the iconic Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds, a character created by her late mother Sylvia Anderson. Dee first provided the voice of her ladyship for the first ever stage production of Thunderbirds working alongside some of the origial crew from the TV series, performed at the Pier Theatre, Bournemouth in 1974.

The show featured extra large Puppets of the Thunderbirds characters made and operated by Christine Glandville and Rowena White two of the original puppeteers from the TV series. Other voices were provided by David Ross (Original Kyrten in Red Dwarf/Talkie Toaster) & Kerry Jewell (Son of Jimmy)

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Dee has more recently reprised the role of Lady Penelope for the Halifax TV campaign featuring Lady Penelope & Parker, working alongside the original voice of Parker, David Graham.