Dee has had a long and varied career of singing in the Theatre, on Television and live on stage in person.

In the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s Dee appeared in two television series called “Oh Boy!” a revival of the 1950’s television series of the same name she then performed in the follow-up show “Let’s Rock”.

The series also featured the likes of Alvin Stardust, Shakin’ Stevens, Lulu, Joe Brown & GBH.

Dee also appeared with renowned composor Peter Skellern in his BBC Television series “Happy Endings” A mix of comedy, song & dance.

Dee often appears at the legendary venue “The Pheasantry” where she performs her own original songs along with some classic covers.

This is what the press have had to say about Dee’s music.

“She does a fine job on her debut!”
Daily Express

“The most talked about Jazz Sensation of 2007″
Real People

“The Queen of Jazz”

“Dee’s latest single is a GO”
The Sun

“The music industry may be dominated by teenage popstrels, but Dee Anderson knows there is no substitute for experience… Her album… SO GOOD!”
The Independent

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